Healthway and Sports Medicine Australia Sponsorship

This year, Winnacott Kats Junior Football Club Inc. has been sponsored by Healthway and Sports Medicine Australia and is pleased to promote the ‘Healthy Club’ message. The Club has received similar funding in prior years. The purpose of the funding is to make our Club a healthier and safer environment for players, members and spectators. Some of the messages which we support to promote our Healthy Club include:


Always warm up and stretch before the game – This helps minimise the risk of injury from sudden stretching of cold muscles.

Protect yourself against sun damage - Sunburn can lead to skin cancer and other forms of skin and eye damage later in life.

Healthy Food = Healthy Bodies – Remember that the majority of your diet should consist of vegetables, fruit, bread, rice, pasta and flour.

Do not Smoke – People who smoke are less likely to participate in sport and physical activity – When smokers do play sport, poisons from cigarettes reduce their ability to perform. The poisons that really hurt sports performance are carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar.

Alcohol promotes bleeding and swelling in sporting injuries which delays the healing process and recovery time – Steer clear of alcohol for at least 48 hours if you’ve sustained an injury – Give your body a sporting chance by avoiding alcohol 24 hours before playing or training.

Don’t play your sport to keep fit – Get fit to play your sport – Lack of fitness is a major cause of injury.


Below are the following helpful Fact Sheets:

Please visit their website at healthyclub.org.au for more information and brochures.

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